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Traditionally prepared turmeric ale (soda) that is naturally-fermented and naturally-carbonated. It is free of preservatives and colours.


Fermentation promotes digestion and improves nutrient bio-availabliity to the body.  Fermentation makes the turmeric ale rich in enzymes, beneficial bacteria and wild yeasts grow and produce a fuzzy-good feeling and natural carbonation.


Turmeric perks up the day. 


The ale is naturally rich in

  - antioxidants that reduce the wear and tear on cells,  

  - anti-inflammatory, especially for the joints,

  - good bacteria that aid in digestive processes, reduce bloating and reduce gas,    

  - many more benefits like improving the functioning of the heart and overall mood.


Try our ginger soda, or get both varieties in the 3-pack.


SERVE: Chilled


HOT TIP: Lightly shake the bottle before serving


QTY: 300ml




STORE: Refrigerate

Turmeric Ale


  • Try both our ales via the 3-pack.

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