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Season is OPEN folks!  

This year, mango trees across India have shared less than normal. Specifically at the farm, we're looking at about 10% of the usual fruit. This implies 2 things: 


1- Intense flavours and depth as fewer fruit on the tree's get all the produced sugars. 
2- Refigured financial approach, given 80% of our land is under mango.


So that we don't load the mangoes with exorbitant rates, we have created combo packs with some of our other produce. That is, for every box of mango you order (@ Rs. 1300) you also order other produce from us worth Rs. 900.

We know some of you still want just mango. We have also made this available. 

Story of the Mangoes:

The trees & us have whispered sweet nothings to each other all year. Our 4 mama cows have munched on their leaves delivering manure at the tree's base. Winter brings us mango blossoms. The sweet & sour fragrance of mango fills the winter night air. Come early spring we see the first specks of fruit. The mango takes spring through summer to go from pea-sized to full grown. When the summer get's unbearable is typically when our mangoes ripen, offering sweet solace from the intense temperatures. It's this slow dance with the Pancha Mahabhuta that develops the fruit’s aroma, juice, & dense, long-lasting flavours. 

Harvests commence only after the tree and the cows tell us the mango is ready. Our trees are full-sized, some reaching 50 feet. Climbs up the tree often include fighting off fire ants. Mangoes then warm up in the hay of our home grown rice for the finale of flavour development. By the end of summer, everyone is hopped on mango, including birds, cows, humans, ants and hopefully, you. 

Best Handling Practices:

* Use tenderness & aroma, not skin colour, to determine ripeness. Mangoes could be green, yet ripe.

* Remove mangoes from the box & lay them out in a basket so you can see them ripen.

       If you forget them in the box, they will not forget to ripen. 

* Don't refrigerate them until they are ripe or the ripening stops!
* Your box will include all sizes of mango, like the tree gives us. 

* Our mangoes tend to be smaller than the market mangoes because they are not pumped with chemicals.

* Our mangoes will have character, spots, they'll be of different shapes & sizes.

        You show me 2 identical humans, I'll show you 2 identical mangoes!

Shipping & Pickup:
* We bring mangoes to Bombay every 3-5 days in June.

* You will be intimated when your mangoes have left the farm.  

* You either opt to pickup from Marine Drive OR we deliver through a 3rd party courier service (charges apply). 

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