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The king will be back in June 2023.
Until then, try some of our mango products.

Story of the Mangoes:

The trees & us have whispered sweet nothings to each other all year. Our 4 Mama cows have munched on their leaves delivering manure at the tree's base. Jan on, we get the first of the flowers. The sweet & sour fragrance of mango begins to fill the night's air. The Mango takes spring through summer to go from pea-sized to full grown. It's this slow dance with the Pancha Mahabhuta that develops the fruit’s aroma, juice, & dense, long-lasting flavours. 

Harvests commence only after the tree tells us the Mango is ready. Our trees are full-sized, some reaching 50 feet. Climbs up the tree often include fighting off fire ants. Mangoes then warm up in hay for the finale of flavour development.

Best Handling Practices:

* Use tenderness & aroma, not skin colour, to determine ripeness. Mangoes could be green, yet ripe.

* Remove mangoes from the box & lay out in a basket so you can see them ripen. If you forget them in the box, they will not forget to ripen. 

* Don't refrigerate them until they are ripe or the ripening stops!
* Your box will include all sizes of mango, like the tree gives us. 

* Our mangoes tend to be smaller than the market mangoes because they are not pumped with chemicals.

* Our mangoes will have character, spots, they'll be of different shapes & sizes. You show me 2 identical humans, I'll show you 2 identical mangoes!

Shipping & Pickup:
* We bring mangoes to Bombay every 3-5 days in June.

* You will be intimated when your mangoes have left the farm.  

* You either opt to pickup from Marine Drive OR we deliver through a 3rd party courier service (charges apply). 

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