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Bringing you a flavour of the Levant via Labneh, an ancient method of fermenting milk (yoghurt) and straining it to prepare a cheese. This labneh is prepared from locally sourced unpasteurized free range buffalo milk. It has a splash of chili (smoked chilies, smoked fermented chilies, fresh green chilies, black pepper) and herbs (garlic chives, basil, sylvetta arugula)... all grown on the farm. It's preserved in Figaro olive oil. The outcome is a clean, local, and fresh cheese!



Labneh is super versatile. Some of the ways to enjoy this include: 

Serve on a middle eastern spread with pita, olives, cukes, grilled meats.

Crumble it into your salad (use it's oil as your dressing oil)

Spread it onto your sandwhich ; Top your pasta with it

Replace your sour cream in baked potatoes with this healthier alternative. 



Use the oil for your salad dressings, or

Plunk some chilis into it post labneh for a chili oil. 



If you've ordered before, you'll wonder why we have increased price by Rs. 180. Accounts review showed the farm was loosing money because of the cost of Olive oil.  We don't want to change quality, we can't afford to go into debt either, thus the price increase. 


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