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Farmers Salad is in the house!


Season commences, for now, the salad mix will look something like this: 

  ~ kale (has arrived!)

  ~ arugula
  ~ pink radish

  ~ lettuce (grandma hadleys crispy butterheads)  

  ~ herbs & spices including

          fresh coriander, dill, green peppercorns, mango ginger, edible flowers... 


Portion size: 

Single - 1 person for 2 meals  

Company - 2 persons for 2 meals 


Extra: Items like peppercorn, mango ginger, herbs will serve for more meals than the salad. 


Recommended pairing: kombucha


There may be add/deletions based on what the land shares at the time of harvest. Produce that can be popped into your salad of course. 


If you're a purist, you may enjoy each of these leaves separately. Consume the lettuce first, it's the most tender of the lot - 3 day shelf life. Other leaves will keep for the week. 


Else, tear the leaves and toss them in a bowl with the flowers, pour over niger oil, crumble in labneh, crush that tender peppercorn (2-5 corns are sufficient, save the rest for another dish), slice the mango ginger (1/2 a finger), smoosh the mustard pods with some honey, and give it all a good massage. Splash in some mango vinegar to finish. 


STORAGE: Keep the cloth the salad is wrapped in moist and refrigerated, and your salad (except the lettuce) will keep perky for 5 days. (But hopefully you've eaten it fresh!)  

Farmers Salad Mix

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