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Cold pressed, unfiltered, groundnut oil. 


Cold pressed oils from real seeds or nuts. The method of pressing without heat retains the rich nutritional profile, natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of the original nut. This differs from heat extraction or chemical extraction (like those used for refined oils). It's the cleanest way you can extract the oil. The one step above this extraction method is a bullok driven 'ghani', which, if we find in our area, we will definitely shift to. 


Until then, here's our peanut oil. Like everything else we bring to you, this is what we too consume at home. 


Why is our pricing higher than others in the market? 

We cannot speak to the way other's produce. Here are a few truths about how we produce. 


1- There are 2 ways a farm can produce peanut oil. They can either grown their own peanuts and extract the oil, or purchase the peanuts grown by other farmers and extract the oil. The former method means that each individual working on the peanut receives a day wage for their work. The latter implies that an entire family participates in growing the peanuts and then sells the crop to another who will extract it for oil. The former brings in more money for the family, as the working individual are paid regardless of the outcome of the crop. The latter means the sales of the raw material is shared within the entire family. The former is also more expensive for the farmer making the oil. The latter is a simple purcahse at the market rate. Neither is right or wrong. They are both just different, both with their advantages and disadvantages. It's just worth sharing why our price differs from others. 


2. On the farm, we have closed the circle. That is to say, our own cows who feed on our own lands provide the dung which goes back into feeding the soils. This helps us minimize contaminants. For example, purcahsed dung (from cow sheds) has the potential of being dung from cows that have been pumped up on hormones for milk production. There is also a lot of plastic trash in this dung. We've closed this loop by nurturing our own animals. And we've done so for all our agriculutral practices, besides the elemental sharing of air and water. 

Groundnut Oil Cold Pressed

1000 Grams
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