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Background  A rare wild Arabica coffee practically extinct from Africa, carefully conserved in India by the Paranjpye family since 1923. A runaway Arabica, a journey that would baffle coffeeologists! She's found a home in the beautiful Sahayadari Hills of India. A tale of tectonic love? Wof zerash or 'sown by birds' is a tribute to the wild and free spirit of Ethiopia's cloud forests and vibrant coffee culture. Grown with love at Gorus Forest Farm, India. 


Specialty Coffee  Wof Zerash specialty coffees have consistently scored between 85-86 points on the Q Grading scale. Quality is never an accident!
Our wild Arabica plants are grown under a mixed forest canopy without using any chemical inputs whatsoever. Coffee cherries are hand-picked, dried under shade and hand-hulled. This process takes about 45 days. Then the beans rest for 2 months and finally they are roasted in an indigenously built drum roaster, and packed for you in 100% home compostable packaging!


Roast: Medium

Flavour notes: Wild, earth, nut, cherry

Pkd: 250gm, whole beans


Price: Includes shipping and handling. 


Delivery: Coffee will reach you within 1 week.

It will be shipped directly from Gorus Forest Farm via India Post.    


Recommended: It is recommended you grind the beans fresh before brewing each batch of coffee. A simple home grinder works just fine, but you will get a more consistent grind size and a better brew with specialized coffee grinders such as TimeMore, Hario, etc. 

Wof Zerash Specialty Coffee

250 Grams
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