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A rare wild Arabica coffee practically extinct from Africa, carefully conserved in India by the Paranjpye family since 1923. A runaway Arabica, a journey that would baffle coffeeologists! She's found a home in the beautiful Sahayadari Hills of India. A tale of tectonic love? Wof zerash or 'sown by birds' is a tribute to the wild and free spirit of Ethiopia's cloud forests and vibrant coffee culture. Grown with love at Gorus Forest Farm, India. 


Roast: Medium

Flavour notes: Wild, earth, nut, cherry

Pkd: 250gm, whole beans


Price: Includes shipping and handling. 


Delivery: Coffee will reach you within 1 week.

It will be shipped directly from Gorus Forest Farm via India Post.    


Recommended: It is recommended you grind the beans fresh before brewing each batch of coffee. A simple mortar and pestle  works just fine, but you will get a more consistent grind size and a better brew with specialized coffee grinders such as TimeMore, Hario, etc. 

Wof Zerash Specialty Coffee

250 Grams
  • Coffee will be posted to you directly from Gorus Forest Farm. Your price includes the cost of shipping and handling. 

    We request that: 

    1- You select "Pickup" on your check out, so that you do not pay for last mile courier. 

    2- If you are ordering Vrindavan produce as well, please place a separate order for the same.  

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