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Storage: Cool and Dry


Recipe suggestion: We've been enjoying this immunity booster as a morning haldi latte with a sprinkle of pepper [for absorption] and a dash of honey! 

Turmeric Powder

  • Originally from Satara, our turmeric seed has been with us since 2018. At the farm it grows in the understroy of our mango trees, sharing in a symbiotic relationship. Turmeric is left in the soil to fully mature post monsoon. Once harvested, turmeric roots are washed, skinned, chopped, sun dried over the period of about a fortnight. Finally, the roots are pounded at our local mill.

    Over the years in our soils, the curcumin level of the turmeric has strengthened to 5.4 percent. 

    Turmeric is known for its lengthy list of health benefits, especially for immunity. Consume it daily, whether it's a haldi latte, morning shot, or added in your food. Be sure to add a pinch of black pepper or fat to help it be absorbed by the body.  

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