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Farm grown tender bamboo shoots, brined in a live and active vinegar, fermented in-house from fruit grown on the farm (mango or date palm), aged for 6 months. Our brines are of 2 varities - Kasath (white) and Maneli (pink). Both have similar flavours. Bamboo itself is earthy, carries a subtle flavour with a mild sweetness, close to water chetnuts. 


Ancient aboriginies associated select varieties as holy for select families, thus ensuring no single variety was overharvested from the forests. This brine makes a beautiful snack as is, or served along with rice. It can also be used in Asian curries or stir fries.

Tender Bamboo Brine

SKU: 001
490 Grams
  • Store: In your pantry (dark and cool) as long as it's unopened. (The aging continues allowing bamboo to soak in the homegrown vinegar.) 

    Once opened, regrigerate and consume within 2 months.  

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