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Mahadi is a red rice that is native to our area but barely grown today. Due to it's low sugar content and high nutritional value, it was once known as the 'rice for warriors' and today is adviced to diabetics. Until just a generation ago, aboriginals of our area would drink the rice water to treat fevers and gastro-intestinal issues. 


Cooking tip: Dry roast the rice before cooking to bring out it's strong flavour. Cook with 3:1 water: rice ratio. Don't drain out the water. The nutrition and flavours of this rice are in the water once cooked. If it's too wet, spread it out on a plate once cooked to allow it to dry up.  


Storage tip: It's best stored in a airtight container in the rerigerator. This way, it can keep up to a year. Stored outside, airtight, will have a shorter shelf life. 

Mahadi (Red) Rice

1 Kilogram
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