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Jackfruit / कटहल / फणस 

On the farm, the Jackfruit reaches maturation just before the Mango. One of the few fruits able to carry its own in the company of the king... it's ripened aroma speaks louder than a mango. But that's not all it does... it makes a beautiful sabzi (the meat for vegetarians!), seeds make a fantastic dip / spread / chutney, or can be roasted, and the ripe fruit, is of course a tasty fruit. 


फणस carries 3g protein per cup. It's high in Vitamin C and A, manganese, copper, magnesium and potassium. Its rich in antioxidants. 


Tribal folklore says फणस doesn't like to be put onto heating oil. Instead, when you cook this beauty, add the फणस to the pan first, then pour oil atop. 


NOTE - Except whole jackfruit, all other portions are pealed. 



Break the seeds into quarters, roast, remove the outer skin. Blend the seeds with Niger oil, add salt, ginger, some mint and chili. Use as a spread on toast, dip with cucumber sticks, or add some coconut to this recipe and have as a chutney. 

Jackfruit (raw)

500 Grams
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