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Fresh, tender curcuma - turmeric and mango ginger - in a simple lime-salt brine solution.


Turmeric (its active compound curcumin) is a proven anti-inflammatory that aids in joint support, amongst other, benefits. Mango ginger (curcuma amada) is a known antioxidant with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. By pickling the curcumas, we gain lactic acid bacteria, muscle-healing electrolytes, vitamin C, and digestion-promoting enzymes. 


TIP: Black pepper and the curcumas behave synergistically, and when consumed together, improve the body's curcuma absorption by a thousand-fold. Time to replace the curcuma-piperine capsules. 


USE: Chew the root directly OR toss in with roasted veggies or rice OR finely slice and add to salad or morning omlette / egg scramble. 


STORAGE: Refrigerate once opened. 

Curcuma Brine

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