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Nutritionally, pineapples carry bromelien, a chemical now being tapped by the nutritive industry for anti-inflammatory (of the gut, of the joints (arthiritis), of the brain cells (Alzheimer's)). 


We grow 4 varieties now, from Kerala, Andhra, Naga, and one regrown from what the market has available. Ours tend to be smaller than what you're used to seeing in the market, but they'll be dripping juices and nutrition. 


Did you know, a single plant produces a singple pineapple, per year? Of course, they multiply vicariously. But for the first fruit, it takes between 3-5 years! Now that you know... use it well! Eat the fruit and use the skin to either make a pineapple tea, or better yet, tepache!


TEPACHE RECIPE - Chop up the skin. Add to a wide mouth glass jar (~1-2 litre). Add 3 tablespoons of sugar. Grind in a piece of clove, cinammon, and black pepper. Add 2 glasses of water.  Stir well and cover the jar with a muslin cloth, tie at the mouth. Stir this twice a day. Strain after 24-30 hours, chill. Serve up on ice. You can dilute the concoct to your prefered taste with water or soda.   


You can also reuse the strained skin for a second batch of tepache. Beyond that, you'll be drinking fermented pineapple :)


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