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The Queen of Mangoes is known for it's saffron colored sweet, tangy and juicy flesh. Feels like butter. 


* We will bring mangoes to Bombay every 3-5 days.

* You will be intimated when your mangoes have left the farm.  

* You pickup from Marine Drive OR we deliver at your doorstep through a 3rd party courier service (delivery charges will apply). 



* The mangoes in your box may be at different stages of maturity. 

* Use tenderness and aroma, not skin colour to determine ripeness. Mangoes could be green, yet ripe.

* Remove mangoes from the box and lay them out on a tray so they can breathe & ripen. If you forget them in the box, they will not forget to continue ripening. 

* Don't refrigerate them until they are ripe or the ripening stops!

* Our mangoes tend to be smaller than the market mangoes because they are not pumped with chemicals.

* Our mangoes will have character, spots, they'll be of different shapes & sizes... y'know, just like people!


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