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This beautiful herb has long been used in Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Though few scientific studies exist of the many claimed benefits, primarily neurological, friends of the farm who've consistently eaten gotu share their experience to include feeling 'calmer' and 'less anxious'.  


Gotu came to the farm in a single small-sized pot. We'd planted it at the base of a coconut tree with plenty of pampering in its initial year. Today, this herb has spread to become the ground cover of the farm with little effort on our part. There are some plants that just want to live with us, gotu is one of them. 


The first recipe we ever tried was shared by Tanaya Burman, gotu chutney, made by pounding gotu with roasted chili, garlic and salt. In Sri Lanka, it's eaten paired with white rice or fish.


Other ways we've learned to enjoy this leaf -

  Gotu basil pesto, adding copious quantities of gotu to a standard pesto recipe

  Gotu mint curry patta chutney, adding copious amounts of gotu to your daily green chutney.  


If you're ordering for a chutney, we recommend asking for 3-5 portions of gotu. 

Gotu Kola

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