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This is a limited edition bok choy with only a small harvestable portion per week. We'll share this as a ready-to-sautee dish.


You will receive: 

Bok choy (enough for a 2-person side dish)




Tender black pepper 


We suggest getting niger oil and mango hot sauce for this stiry fry. 
Onion and garlic, you'll have to add from your own pantry.


To prepare: Separate the bok choy stalks from the leaves. Chop the stalks. Break the leaves. Warm niger oil and sautee the onion and spices (ginger, garlic, chili, tender peppercorns). Add in the bok choy stalks. Keep tossing. Add in the mango hot sauce and soy sauce, toss. Add the bok choy leaves, fennel, toss for under a minute and turn it off. Salt to taste. 


It's an easy dish with much reward! Serve with Ajara Ghansal rice. 


Purple Bok Choy Stir Fry

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