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Thank you for your amazing response! We are sold out for the year. We will bring the limited edition pillows back next summer! 


This one has been prepared slowly, patiently. It is super soft. Beautiful for kids.


It's cotton is silk cotton that comes from a tree. The beauty of this tree is that it can grow on any type of land. Thus making it unique. It is not a cotton bush that is farmed, it does not come from BT seeds, it does not use fertilizers or pesticides.


The work in this pillow is separating the cotton from the seeds. We have patiently done this over the year, then loosened and sunned the cotton. The cover is prepared by material bought in our local market, double washed, sunned, and then hand stitched. 


The pillow once prepared has seen another week of sunning. 


It's ready for you!


Note, you'll see this get thin in about a year - as the cotton sits. Bring it back to us, we'll restuff it! 

Organic Silk Cotton Pillow

Expected to be ready in August
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