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Ajara Ghansal, a white aromatic medicinal rice has been cultivated by the Ajara community for over a centuary. Wellwishers brought us this heirloom seed... we're stoked to share the beautiful one with you. 


The rice itself is short, slender and not sticky. It is easily digestible and like most native varieties, holds a low glycemic index.     


To prepare: Don't pre-soak the rice, just rince it. Cook it with a lid (to retain it's aroma). Slow cook versus pressure cook. 1 part rice to 2 parts water ratio.  


Our story with rice - 
Vrindavan is surrounded by rice farmers. Our dream is to spread harmonious farming practices around us. To truly do so, we had to speak the same language as our neighbours, i.e., grow the same crop. Vrindavan farm has been growing rice for over 5 years now. It all began with Mahadi, a beautiful red rice native to our area. Today, we grow several heirloom varieties, namely Mahadi, Kasbai, Ajara Ghansal, Wada Kolam, and Ambe Mohar.  


Growing rice is an experience that I hope everyone participates in at least once in their lifetime. The scale, the work involved, and the joyousness brought to it all by farmers, is what truly explains the 'culture' in agriculture. Read more about the growing, harvesting, and threshing.   

Ajara Ghansal Rice (Unpolished)

1 Kilogram
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